El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services
Friday, March 24, 2023

Building Dreams

Building Dreams
In recognition of our community’s growth, the Board of Directors of El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services (LCS) recently adopted revised mission and vision statements. When the original statements were drafted in 2006, Forsyth County was in the midst of an immigration boom. As families from Mexico settled in the Old Town area in increasing numbers, LCS was created by the Presbyterian Mision Hispana El Buen Pastor to help Spanishspeaking children succeed in school, help Latino parents understand their role in their children’s education, and help native North Carolinians develop relationships with the newcomers.
From the beginning, our focus has been on relationships—going deep with families in the neighborhood rather than offering a variety of programs to a variety of individuals. We have been inspired by the hope and courage of the capable, resilient, and hard-working immigrants who contribute to the vibrancy of our society and the strength of our economy. Honoring the dignity of the entire community and partnering with El Buen Pastor Church, we do with people, not for them. We have a yard sale rather than a clothing closet, so families can select and purchase items. We offer a variety of nutrition and cooking classes rather than a food pantry, so women learn to modify traditional cuisine for healthier family outcomes. We don’t provide daycare—instead, parents volunteer in our tutoring program and pay $2 a month per child. We don’t cater a meal for our volunteer appreciation lunch—rather, each mother contributes a dish to express her family’s gratitude.
This new mission statement reflects the continued positive development of our organization and our participants:
El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services partners with Latino families
to equip children and adults to fulfill their educational and economic potential,
with hope for a positive and healthy future.
Our work would not be possible without the army of volunteers, financial donors, community partners, and foundations who join us on the journey. We are
deeply grateful for each one, knowing that you share our vision:
We envision a society enriched by the cultural diversity of its members,
where all are valued for their contributions and have the opportunity to build their dreams.

Rosa Miranda, Board Chair          Mary Bolton, Executive Director