El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services
Friday, March 24, 2023

El Buen Camino


El Buen Camino…the good path…the good way. Not only is El Buen Camino the name we’ve given to our first-ever 5k run, it also sums up the goals of all programming at El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services—walking alongside people as they discover a good path for their lives. 


Although many see the New Year as an opportunity to recommit to healthy eating and exercise routines, this isn’t the custom in our families’ communities of origin. So this winter we are promoting the benefits healthy food and exercise bring to all areas of life. The book Henry Gets Moving is the basis of our conversation with the children. The first through fifth graders are trying to beat their own record at sit-ups, and, along with the little ones, are learning about the benefits of balanced meals. And in a brave move by teacher Francia Cacchione, the 4-year-old class had a fiesta de fruta on Valentine’s Day!


The Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Agency’s Rocio Sedo has been teaching the women in our parent-child education classes about family nutrition. And with the help of a group of volunteers from St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, our staff and volunteer mothers are exploring ways to improve the nutritional quality of the after school snacks we serve the children.


Los Correcaminos, “the roadrunners”, is our running club that hatched the idea of hosting a 5k event. Under the leadership of staff member Sandra Castro and WFU Health and Exercise Science grad Jorge Méndez Estrada, this group is the nucleus of a training program that inspires participants to make long-term lifestyle changes. Jorge, a certified Health Fitness Specialist, is encouraged by the community’s positive response. Jorge was motivated to volunteer by “…a desire to start the conversation in the Hispanic community about healthier living through exercise and nutrition, dispelling false notions about healthy living along the way.” He says, “The fact that the program has aroused widespread interest gives me hope we may be able to reverse the current health epidemics this generation is experiencing."


We are grateful for the support of the multitude of volunteers and financial donors who make it possible for us to pursue our mission. Your participation in El Buen Camino on April 6 would show our Latino families that you are willing to travel the path with them. Please join us! 


Rosa Miranda, Board Chair                                                                       Mary Bolton, Executive Director