El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services
Friday, March 24, 2023

What We Do

At El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services, we seek to offer Latino families hope for a positive future and to build bridges between the Latino community and the greater community as we facilitate cross-cultural relationships and bring new understanding and benefits to all. Through education, enrichment programs, as well as character and leadership development activities, we help families make informed choices about what to keep from their old culture and what to adopt from their new culture. Education is the key to a successful future for every family. Navigating educational institutions and systems can be confusing for immigrants; the most frequently expressed request from our families is for academic help for their children. At El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services, it is our goal that every young person achieves academic success, culminating in graduation from high school.
 At El Buen Pastor, we help children succeed in school by:
  • Preparing preschoolers for kindergarten
  • Providing homework help and curriculum reinforcement for elementary students through our elementary tutoring program
  • Providing academic skills maintenance for children during the summer tutoring program.
  • Offering enrichment activities to broaden students’ background knowledge
  • Providing character education through our Kids Club
  • Helping parents become involved in their children’s schooling
We encourage teens to graduate from high school by:
  • Providing homework help and reinforcement of basic skills through our youth tutoring program
  • Providing gang-alternative activities and information
  • Providing assistance in applying for post-secondary schooling and college scholarships
  • Facilitating mentoring relationships
We provide adult education and leadership development through:
  • Resource identification
  • English classes
  • Computer and internet access
  • Health and wellness education
We offer family-life enhancement opportunities through:
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Recreational activities and events
  • Family counseling and parenting resources
  • Community outreach events
We build bridges between the Latino community and greater Winston-Salem through:
  • Cultural brokers – bilingual adult volunteers who walk alongside an Hispanic family or individual to help navigate a particular situation or project.
  • Mothers’ playgroup – Spanish-speaking & English-speaking mothers and their preschoolers get together for play and conversation
  • Volunteer opportunities for students and adults
  • Spanish Language Learning
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